1. Service to items and/or replacement parts. Artistic Iron is happy to service your Security Doors and more you may experience issues like doors are sticking due to house settling, locks not working properly, old doors need re-alignment, damaged parts etc. We service:
  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Closures
  • Glass Clips
  • Pet Door parts
  • Replacement Seals
  • Replacement Weather stripping
  • Replacement glass
  • Replacement screens


  1. Removal and re-installation of products per your request. Are you going through a remodel or re-painting your property?  You may need to have Artistic Iron products removed for the remodel and then re-installed after the remodel is completed.  An example or Removal then re-installation may include:
  • Replacing windows, Artistic Iron will need to remove and re-install window guards.
  • Entry door replacements, Artistic Iron will remove security doors and re-install them.


  1. Re-powder coating products– Artistic Iron will re-powder coat your security doors and other iron products. Have your old security doors faded? Give your door a fresh look or change the color to match your new painted home by re-powder coating. Artistic Iron will remove the security doors, clean, re-powder coat to the color of your choice, and re-install.