Craftsmanship You Can Trust


Artistic Iron employs skilled craftsman, who builds and install custom steel and iron products with a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. Every piece is built by expert craftsmen at our shop in Denver, Colorado. In order to provide exceptional quality, we use high-grade materials and proven manufacturing processes. This ensures your new iron will last for many years to come. Learn more about our craftsmanship.  Then, call for an in-home estimate: (303) 791-644

1) Design
The design process begins with expert consultation to understand your needs and wants, so we can provide the best possible solution. Then, we complete a thorough and exacting measurement of the space. From these measurements, we produce a complete drawing of your new door, fence, railing, etc. Together, these actions provide a higher level of personalization and artistic design for your new iron.

2) Steel Preparation
When your design is ready, we begin the manufacturing process using only high-grade “pickled & oiled” steel. We build every product with carefully selected steel – such as solid steel pickets, 16-gauge tubes and z-bar jams. This top-quality material provides a foundation for a product that will last for many years to come. Then, we thoroughly pre-clean the steel to remove any oil or dirt. This powerful combination of quality materials and rigorous pre-cleaning provides superior durability and weather resistance, along with greater security for your home or business.

3) Cutting & BendingThe next step is to create the unique shapes for your custom design. Our expert craftsmen bring decades of experience in custom steel and iron work. They use a combination of precision cutting and hand bending to create artistic and organic shapes. Then, every piece is dry fit to ensure that every measurement is correct. This handmade approach, completed by expert craftsmen, gives your iron a truly custom appearance.

4) Welding
When all of the pieces are ready, your product is carefully built one piece at a time. We specifically use four-sided welding – rather than tack welds – to ensure maximum strength and durability. Then, we grind and file the welds for a smooth finish and top-notch appearance. The end result is a gorgeous product that is ready for finishing.

5) Paint Preparation
The finishing process begins with a thorough phosphate wash. This cleans the steel and removes any residue, oils and fingerprints. This careful preparation is critical to achieving a beautiful finish that will last for many years to come.

6) Powder Coating
Next, all of our iron and steel products are electrostatically powder coated and baked in a high-temperature kiln to cure the finish. Choose from a range of eleven (11) in-house finish colors (click for samples). Or upgrade to our special extended color palette for a truly unique finish. In total, this high-quality powder coat finish provides outstanding durability and weather protection that is far superior to paint and spray-on coatings.

7) Clear Coat
If desired, we can provide an extra clear coat to further protect the finish. Due to Colorado’s extreme weather and intense UV conditions, it is normal for a finish to change slightly over time. Adding a clear coat will enhance the color retention of your finish. While our products do not require a clear coat, it can be a valuable addition.

8) Assembly
When the finish is cured, your product is ready for assembly. Our expert craftsmen will install by hand all of the additional parts for your product. This includes top-quality locks – from Schlage, Kwikset and Marks – along with the hinges, screws, sweep, weather-stripping, closure, glass and screen. This hand assembly process ensures that every part is fit correctly and thoroughly tested. The end result is you receive a product with a great appearance and outstanding reliability.

9) Quality Inspection
Once the product is assembled, it’s time for our detailed quality inspection. Everyone at Artistic Iron is dedicated to providing the highest quality products that will enhance your home or business. Before your new iron leaves our shop, we complete and thorough inspection to confirm it meets our high standards for quality and appearance. Only the is it ready for installation.

10) Installation
Finally, your new iron will be installed by highly qualified Artistic Iron employees with many years of experience (not sub-contractors). We take great pride that the job is done correctly…the first time. Our expert installers will review with you how the product works. We will also teach you some preventative maintenance steps – how to clean and care for your new piece – so it stays functional and beautiful for years to come.

Count on Artistic Iron for design, quality and security…
plus an experience you’ll truly enjoy.

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