Our Process

Creating Your Own Iron


Step 1: Initial Consultation
Every customer has unique needs and priorities. Therefore, the first step is to evaluate your space and understand your project goals. At the initial consultation, a knowledgeable Design Consultant will meet at your home or business to learn about your needs and provide expert recommendations.

Step 2: Design
Next, our Design Consultant will help you create the perfect design for your new door, railing, fence, gate or decorative piece. Together, we will design a solution that provides the perfect blend of appearance and security, within your project budget. 

Step 3: Final Measurement
Then, our highly experienced Measure Technicians will create a complete set of drawings to guide the manufacturing process. This ensures accurate and efficient production along with a perfect fit. 

Step 4: Manufacturing
Every metal product from Artistic Iron is hand built by expert craftsmen at our shop in 
Denver, Colorado. We use “pickled & oiled” steel and four-sided welding for maximum strength and security. Every piece is pre-cleaned and cut to exact specifications. Then, we weld and grind the metal for a smooth surface. 

Step 5: Finishing
Then, every product receives a long-lasting finish. We begin by pre-cleaning the steel with a phosphate wash. Then, we apply an electrostatic powder coating (click for color samples) to ensure a beautiful appearance for many years to come. We also offer additional finish treatments like clear coating and sandblasting to create a special appearance.

Step 6: Assembly
Expert craftsmen assemble all Artistic Iron products by hand in our shop. This enables us to complete your project in fast, safe and cost-effective manner. We use only top-quality materials – hinges, latches, locks, glass, knobs and levers.

Step 7: Installation
Your product will be installed and serviced by highly qualified Artistic Iron employees with many years of experience (not sub-contractors). This ensures that your product is adjusted and tested. We take great pride that the job is done correctly. 

Step 8: Education and Service
Now, it’s time to enjoy your product from Artistic Iron. We believe it is important that you fully understand how to use and care for your product. Our expert installers will review how the product works. We will also teach you some preventative maintenance steps -how to clean and care for your new piece – so it stays functional and beautiful for years to come.