The superior finish that you find on hundreds of everyday products from steel doors to car engines that are due to powder coating. While it makes products durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant, it also makes all metal products durable – so if you wonder how your metal products look alluring and are so durable, it’s probably due to the top of line powder coating techniques. At Artistic Iron LLC, we provide that high quality finish to your custom-built product. The best part is that it is virtually eco-friendly as well.

Our process consists of complete, well-managed, and highly-monitored steps. We use the finest and refined ground particles of pigment and resin. These particles are electrostatically charged to ensure the maximum efficiency of the process, and then these particles are sprayed onto your product. The next step is providing the durability, strength, and effectiveness of the coating. Once your product is done with the spraying process, it gets electrically grounded. Now what that means is your product is kept away in a safe and electric-free environment to make sure that the charged particles adhere to your product. After the completion, our experts examine the powder coating, and only if the powder coating is up to our set standards, we deliver it for last the finish. That means before your product is delivered and installed, it has been thoroughly inspected and perfected by experts working under Artistic Iron’s roof – that’s how we provide perfection and customer satisfaction at the same time.