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Frequently Asked Questions

Artistic Iron is dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution to enhance your home or business. This section provides answers to common questions about our products and services. We hope this information is helpful in your decision-making process.
If you have specific questions, please call Artistic Iron at (303) 791-6440 or  

1. How is Artistic Iron different from other companies who make iron and steel products?

Artistic Iron is dedicated to providing a high level of service to homeowners and businesses. Here's what our owners have to say:

It's obvious that in today's economy, many manufactures are taking short cuts to get you their products. To keep their costs down, the products are substituted with cheaper quality materials, imitation parts, questionable workmanship or compromised customer service. It is also very obvious that great quality products are no longer enough. Instead, it's the total experience for our customers that makes the difference. This means you can count on Artistic Iron for the highest level of quality in every aspect from the initial phone conversation, appointments at your home or business, product design, high quality materials, original make parts, final installation, warranty support and excellent customer service you deserve. Everyone at Artistic Iron is 100% dedicated to providing an experience you will truly enjoy.

Chetan & Manisha Hira

In addition to great customer experience, Artistic Iron provides a superior product. We design every iron and steel product to meet your exact requirements. We build every product by hand with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail gained through more than 30 years in the business. Learn more about our unique process to create your iron.

2. Can you service competitors' iron and steel products?

The experts at Artistic Iron can service and repair iron and steel products from most manufacturers. We frequently receive calls from homeowners and businesses that previously purchased from our competition. Now, they are calling Artistic Iron for service. We are happy to help. Call for a service appointment: (303) 791-6440

3. How are your products made?

Your piece will be hand built by expert craftsmen at our shop in Denver, Colorado. We use only top-quality materials proven manufacturing techniques such as 16-gauge solid steel pickets and four-sided welding for maximum strength and security. This high-quality "pickled & oiled" steel is the best foundation for a product that will last for many years. Learn more about our manufacturing process and craftsmanship.

4. What is the longevity of the finish on your products?

Every door from Artistic Iron receives a long-lasting finish. We begin by pre-cleaning the steel with a phosphate wash. Then, we apply an electrostatic powder coating (click for color samples) to ensure a beautiful appearance throughout the life of your door. We also offer additional finish treatments like clear coating and sandblasting to create a special appearance. Some colors may change slightly over time due to Colorado's extreme weather and intense sun exposure.

5. Can I commission a custom piece?

Yes,absolutely. Artistic Iron has manufactured many full custom designs for our customers. Many manufacturers market their products as "custom built" but offer you a standard design from their catalogue that is built to your size. That is the most "custom built" you can get from them.  Try to get your own design built and you will realise that you are very quickly being  pursuaded to choose a design from their catalgoue.
At Artistic Iron, you can be rest assured when we speak of custom built, you truely get a custom piece built to your to exact needs to express your indviduality. Every aspect of your custom item is designed and built to your sepcifications from size, options, colors, design and more.  Bring along your own design or if needed, a Design Consultant will also help you design the perfect piece to match your vision. Then, it will be hand-built to your exact specifications by our expert craftsmen.  Call for a FREE in-home estimate: (303) 791-6440
6. How much do your full custom decorative iron cost?

The cost varies with project size and specifications. Artistic Iron is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable estimates for every project. It is difficult to estimate cost figures without first seeing your home or business. We are pleased to provide a FREE in-home estimate to discuss your needs and preferences.


7. Can you handle complex, large-scale projects and HOA review?


Artistic Iron can easily handle the complexity of designing products for variable terrain and large properties. Plus, our expert staff can help facilitate locates, permits and surveys that may be necessary for the project. We can also provide support with HOA review and approval. For more information, contact our expert Design Consultants at: (303) 791-6440 
8. How long does it take from the time I order to have my piece installed?


Each piece is manufactured and assembled by expert craftsmen at our shop in Denver, CO.
Most projects are delivered within 4-6 weeks.

9. What types of entry doors do you offer?

We offer Therma-Tru® exterior doors. These steel or fiberglass options provide all the benefits of wood, without the risk of warping or splitting. All doors are expertly finished to match your existing trim. Learn more about Therma-Tru® entry doors

10. How should I maintain products from Artistic Iron?

Our products are very low maintenance. We recommend that every 6 months you wipe them down with furniture wax.

11. What if my door sticks or does not close properly?

Over time, the foundation of your home may shift slightly. This is not unusual, due to the highly variable soil composition in the Colorado Front Range.  This shifting may cause slight sticking of your door.  
Call us anytime: (303) 791-6440  We are happy to adjust your door for a perfect fit should this happen.

12. What is the warranty on your products?

We take great pride in our work and back all of our products with a solid 5-year structural warranty.
Call for additional warranty details: (303) 791-6440

13. What geographic areas do you serve? Do you deliver outside of Colorado?

We regularly install products through the Colorado. Each piece is manufactured and assembled in Denver and installed by Artistic Iron employees. We are currently working on a variety of options to deliver our products outside Colorado. Please call for specific details: (303) 791-6440